People need the message of the Cross

the message of the Cross

Today, witchcraft, occultism and evil make the Gospel as
vital as a gun in a snake pit.

The devil is on the run as Jesus
sets the captives free – wholesale.

Cool and casual Christianity will do nothing.

Nations urgently need the flaming message of the Cross now, not at our leisure.

A burning message, and nothing but that, was supposed to be
presented to the world.

There do not have to be fireworks.

Firebrands don’t need to be hotheads.

Everything about the Church, however, should reflect the warm light of God, to the
very highest steeple.

“And in His temple everyone says,
`Glory'” (Psalm 29:9).

We read that God makes His ministers
“a flame of fire” (Heb. 1:7).

His people should be torches.

Not only evangelists, but witnesses, ministers, church
officials, leaders, workers, teachers and administrators should
all glow with the Holy Spirit, like torches in a cold street.

God bless you.

Message supplied by

This message was supplied by Apostle Mesuli of Kingdom Life Worhsip Center in Zimbabwe, also growing to South Africa.

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Share this message with all your friends and family members, let’s change lives one at a time.


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